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Music of the Week – Tryumf – Hymns of Power (Full EP) (2019)

Hi guys, it’s been a while, uh? The world has seen so much in this lapse of time. Including a global pandemic, the worst after the terrible Spanish Flu in the XX Century. Now, ok, may you live in interesting times, but these are maybe too much, ahah. I hope you and your families and […]

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Music of the Week – Ideon – Nightlights

Hi guys! Long time since last update, but won’t happen again! I’m still very busy with my other projects, but Illusion City hasn’t been forgotten or abandoned. Now, let’s listen to some interesting synthwave…this gorgeous single by IDEON:

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Music of the Week – Abstract Void – Wind of Reminiscence

Hello guys! It’s been a while, again… Here is one of the most original bands that I’ve listened in the past months. Abstract Void, a one man band project, creating a very original mix of synthwave and…depressive black metal. Yes, you’ve read right: Synthwave and depressive black metal. And it’s very very good and cleverly […]

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Music of the Week – Ashbury Heights – Glow

Hello my friends, quite a long time since the last update, again, as you may already know, I’ve been quite busy in my life, but don’t worry because Illusion City has not been forgotten. I’m working on a batch of new updates, that will take some time. Illusion City has recently reached it’s eight age […]

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Music of the Week – La Femme – Oh Baby Doll (Chuck Berry cover)

Hello guys! Time for another delicious song here, on Illusion City…it’s been a while, but keep following the site, since I have some updates to do soon, especially for the emulation section. I’m considering creating a PC-98 section and I plan to update more (and more recent) file listings for the other systems too. So […]

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Music of the Week – The Coffinshakers – Last Night Down By The Grave

Hello guys, it’s time to return to some more “traditional” sounds here on Illusion City. This week we’ll be listening to some very good gothic country, with the excellent Swedish band the Coffinshakers, who rode out in the night from the late ’90s and the late ’00s. The group’s trademark is Rob Coffinshaker’s (who also […]

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Music of the Week – b l u e s c r e e n – Strangers

Time for some more vaporwave, before switching to other kinds of music in the next entries…this week we’ll listen to (and watch) a very promising underground artist in the genre, the Australian blue screen (or b l u e s c r e e n, both spellings are used). This is the single “Strangers” off […]

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Music of the Week – Vaporgrave (feat QuadratoX) – Gomennasai

Hello my friends, it’s been a while…I’m still busy as before, but maybe I’ll find some more time to dedicate to the site in July. For now, let’s dwelve a bit in the new musical landscapes that have surfaced in the last years, some kind of bastard grandchild of new wave and post punk. After […]

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Music of the Week – Perturbator – Sentient

Summer is drawing nearer and nearer every day! So time for some more new music in the wave scene…time for Perturbator which is becoming famous for his horror and sci-fi themed synth music. Sometimes the genre it’s called synthwave or retrowave, but the naming is still quite not definite in these new scenes. For sure […]

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Music of the Week – Microchip Terror – Manufactured Existence

Hi my friends…it’s time for some new music! Microchip Terror is an excellent synthwave band, which has just released a new album, the very good “Illegal Experiments”. Heavily influenced by the atmospheres, themes and tones of ’80s horror and sci-fi cinema, they chunk out a very interesting blend of old and new sounds. Also, they […]

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