(EXTRA) (SNES) Shin Megami Tensei – Majin/Fiends

Not everybody knows it, but Shin Megami Tensei has three super-hard secret optional bosses that can be met through the game.

This holds some interest because these three demons carries the most
powerful weapons of the game (one for each alignment: chaos, law and
neutral) and because these figures will recur in the history of the

Let’s take a look at them:



DAVID (literal transliteration: deibiido)

LVL 99
HP 999
MP 999
Dropped items Stradivari (the most powerful Neutral alignment weapon)
Magic Hapilma
Marin karin

Notes He doesn’t seem to be linked directly to any
legend or religion. He is described as a travelling gypsy, who plays his
violin and make everyone enthralled in a dance, a very dangerous one
indeed…the dance of death!


Pale Rider

PALE RIDER (literal transliteration: pairuraidaa)

LVL 99
HP 999
MP 999
Dropped Items the literal transliteration is
“tenshinoraapa”, i guess that a good approximation could be  tenshi
no reaper = angel’s reaper. I guess it’s called “Angel’s trumpet” in
the Aeon Genesis patch, but i’m not sure. It’s the most powerful Law
weapon of the game.
Magic Tentarafoo

Notes This guy seems to be the classic incarnation of death, one of the four horsemen of apocalypse.



DAISOUJOU (High Priest)

LVL 99
HP 999
MP 999
Dropped Items Shinikami no Kane, which can be
translated as “God of Death’s bell”. It’s named “Reaper’s Bell” in the
Aeon Genesis patch. It’s the most powerful weapon for the Chaos

Magic The literal transliteration is Buraadosuchiiru. I don’t know what kind of magic it is.
Devil’s Smile

Notes Actually this one is the most original and
interesting of the three, in my humble opinion. The Daisoujou is based
on the so-called kamisama mummies of Japan. These mummies were of some
esoteric buddhist sect, which praticted starvation in order to reach the
state of buddhahood. These monks followed a very strict diet and
meditated a lot. When a monk felt he was ready, he was buried alive only
with a bell and a short pipe connected with the outer world through a
small hole for breathing.

The buried monk rang his bell at regular intervals to let the other
know he was still alive; when the bell rang no more, his companions
sealed completely the tomb and waited. After a while, the monk was
exhumed from his grave and if the corpse was found mummified, the monk
was praised as one who has reached the buddhahood. The monk who praticed
this training were called Sokushinbutsu. Very creepy and very
fascinating…a book also studies this strange sect and their beliefs,
“Living Buddhas: The Self-Mummified Monks of Yamagata” by Ken Jeremiah.
If you are curios, give it a read, it’s quite interesting.



You can meet the fiends as a regular random encounter, with 1/256 probability in these places:

  • Shinkuju – North of the eastern ladder
  • Shinkuju – Basement, where the resistance is located in 199x
  • Kongoushinkai – Eastern zone, south respect to the red ghost
  • Shibuya – in the first square near to the entrance

Weapon drops occur with a 1/256 probability. That means that you’ve a
1/65536 probability of obtaining an ultimate weapon. It’s hard, indeed.

Nakratos came up with an official guide at Gamefaqs for finding and dealing with the Majins, so I reccomend you to give it a read!



Nakratos finally filmed a battle with each of the Majins. I’m posting the youtube videos here:

Majin David

Majin Pale Rider (short battle)

Majin Pale Rider (full battle)

Majin Daisoujou



Nakatros shared a Zsnes save state for each Majin battle. To use
them, rename them with your ROM’s name and put them in the folder which
you are using for keeping Zsnes save states.

Majin David (first save slot)

Majin Pale Rider (fifth save slot)

Majin Daisoujou (second save slot)




I’ve recently found the official Japanese guide for
Shin Megami Tensei so I decided to post there the page that mentions the
three fiends. Here it is:

The guide however substantially trolls the player, since it says:

“Regarding these three monsters: it’s not entirely clear neither
the place where they appear nor their status. The ones who have seen
them are indeed very lucky!!”

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