The past reborns the storms

Bowie’s Thin White Duke persona, smoking a Gitanes cigarette, 1976.

David, the main character of Mirrors and the singer for Elleno Vision. Do you see a resemblance? :)

Happy 2020 my fellow readers! I hope that this decade will hold on better days than the one that we have recently closed (even if the start isn’t so promising and optimistic.In like, one week ?, we had both a climate, with Australia burning, and a war, with the despicable action on Iran, escalation so, well…may you live in interesting times, they used to say :) ) and I am glad to announce the first update of the decade here, borrowing a great early song from legendary Brazilian metal act Sepultura.

I’ve updated a bit the page for the PC88 emulation, updating some old infos that aren’t true anymore and adding new version for the Takeda Toshiya’s emulator and also, in light of these novelties, I’ve updated the historical Mirrors page, one of the very few games of the PC88 realm exploiting the power of the CD format. Why, do you ask? Take a look and see, my friends.

Also, expect some updates and surprises soon, my friends…you will enjoy them and they will come unexpected (easy, you might say, since the update rate here is very slow and unpredictable. But you shall see).

Happy 2020 again!