Google operators page updated!

After a very long time, an update which isn’t only about music :)
I’ve extensively updated the page about Google operators, adding the URL specific parameters TBS and TBM. They are very poweful tools, so if you want to get the best out you Google searches, be sure to check them out!

Dive in the Google operators page

François de Roubaix – Virginie

François de Roubaix has been one of the greatest composers for French noir cinema. He wrote the music for the Melville’s classic, Le Samourai (starring Alain Delon), and he also wrote music for a good deal of Josè Giovanni’s (a director who portrayed French crime in his movies from the inside: he spent 11 years in jail and risked the execution) flicks.

This track is a nice tune from the “Le monde electronique de Francois de Roubaix” album. Enjoy!