(READ) Torpedo – Luca Torelli is…Torpedo (short story) (Abulì/Bernet/Toth)


Torpedo is a very dark noir comic, published in the early ’80s (the first story is dated 1981).

It is set in the Great Depression, the
narrative is divided in short self-conclusive episodes, alternating
between flashbacks of Torpedo’s past (which collected gives the reader a
picture of his story) and the present.

The main themes are the classic of the
noir genre: beautiful femme fatales, crime stories, ambiguity, cynism,
disillusion, all of them treated with a big deal of dark humor, holding
back nothing, with a great sense of style, subtleness and measure and
without any vulgarity or easy concessions.

This is the very first story of the
Torpedo franchise. It was written by Enrique Sánchez Abulí and drawn by
Akex Toth, who ended the collaboration after the second story because he
found the comic to be too dark.

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