Fujitsu FM-Towns (Emulators + lists)



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Fujitsu FM Towns is a Japanese PC Variant, launched for the first
time in 1989. It supported DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and FM-Towns’s
own system, the Towns OS. Later a semi-console version of this PC, the
FM Towns MARTY, was launched on the market.


UNZ: The most popular and the most compatible
emulator so far. It’s focused on Towns OS compatibility, so Windows 95
isn’t fully supported, yet. This emulator’s development is still active
and alive.

FM BOCHS: A variant of the Bochs emulator created to
emulate the Towns properly. As far as I know, this was the first proper
FM Towns emulator. It’s still in rough stages and it’s development has
stopped a long time ago. To make it work, you’ll have to edit the config
file manually (check out the rough guide I wrote).However, if you want
to experiment you can do so.

XE MULTI SYSTEM EMULATOR: A very promising multi
system emulator, which emulates the FM-Towns Marty (the console version
of the FM-Towns computer). It works both on Linux-like systems and on
Windows. Remember that you will need the Marty BIOS files to make it
work! It wont’ accept the regular FM Towns computer BIOS files used for
other emulators like UNZ. Also you’ll need to have all the BIOS files
collected in a single file called marty.rom to make it work. This file
can be found across the internet, though, if you know where to search…


DiskExplorer: A powerful tool for editing, viewing,
extracting and inserting data on HDD and floppy disk images. It works
with PC98 formats too.


Here are the lists for my FM-Towns collections.


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