Music of the Week – Buzz Kull – Into the Void

Hello again, my dear readers…I’ve got some cool new music for you! It’s been a while since I’ve updated a new article on the site, but this won’t last for long. I have written a couple of new articles (mostly about movies) that I plan to upload here soon, as long I’ve finished polishing them. I’m quite busy these days, so I haven’t got all the time I wish to have. But now, about the music: Buzz Kull is a new (first released song is from 2013) darkwave project from Sydney, the brainchild of Marc Dwyer (Marcel Whyler). It’s heavily bent on the electro side, and very compelling. This is the video for one of the two singles off the new album “Chroma” (2017), aptly named “Into the Void”.

Music of the Week – Nine Inch Nails – Ruiner

Happy new year my fellow readers! I hope you have celebrated the beginning of the 2018 well and have enjoyed yourself.

We sure don’t live an easy situation in these years, as humanity, but somehow one can find the road that truly belongs to oneself and follow it, thus doing good for the others and himself/herself…but now, let’s leave philosophy aside and focus on the music.

I’ve noticed that in all these years I’ve never posted a NIN song! Time to remedy. This is one of my favourites off “the downward spiral”…enjoy!