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Music of the Week – Danzig – How The Gods Kill

To greet 2012, I offer to your listening pleasure one of the great classics by Danzig. Enjoy the mix of Doors, Black Sabbath, Elvis-like crooning Heavy Metal and superhuman badassery of which this song is made of :) Happy 2013 to all of you!

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Music of the Week – Glenn Danzig – Who Killed Marilyn? / Spook City USA

This is the first solo release by Glenn Danzig, a two songs 7″ recorded in 1981. Glenn played all the instruments on it. It’s quite interesting because it develops two of the main themes and obsession of his future solo career: the obsession for the morbid side of the USA pop culture, portrayed here in […]

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Music of the Week – Danzig – Mortal Sin (AKA When Death Had No Name)

Time for an unreleased track by Danzig! This one comes from the 1987 demo of the band, previous to the first Danzig album. This is one of the two unreleased song which are contained here, mortal sin, also known as when death had no name. The song is a bridge between the old Samhain sound […]

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Music of the Week – Danzig – Sistinas

Restoration is 90% complete! The only content missing is the comic short stories, which I’ll upload in the next days. For this week, I offer to you a fine Elvis (possessed by the devil, of course :)-like crooning song by Danzig, from his third album, Danzig III. Enjoy :)

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