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Hello! This is a list of some things I’m looking for. Since WordPress
isn’t allowing me to input Japanese characters directly, I’ll stick
with the romanized name here, but I’ve made a txt version of this list which includes Japanese names too. If you have problems with the encoding and you see garbled text, I’ve uploaded a UTF-8 encoded version of it. Please check it out!

The list of things that I’ve been once looking for and have been found can be reached here


PS: Original art, as usual, is by the great VikyJun. Thanks!




-Mao Dante (2002)

Nagai wrote and published this semi-remake of his early 1970?s classic in 2002, giving to Mao Dante’s saga a proper ending.

I’m looking for the volumes or scans of them.



-Any Doujin

PC-88 was rich of doujin (indipendent) software and games. A lot of
them aren’t available anywhere, so if you happen to have a dump for some
doujin software that isn’t included in the packs which I have listed on
the site (you can check them at the PC-88 section of the site), please
contact me.  A good list, even if incomplete, of doujin software
can be found here

-Demons  (1984) (Pony Canyon)


Horror adventure for the PC-88, it should have been ported on the FM-77
too. Again, both versions are fine for me and again I guess there is a
dump for it because of the existance of some screenshots. (images taken from the PC-88 library)

-Kamen Rider  (1984) (Bandai)

Maybe the first Kamen Rider game, this should be a bizzarre old-school
RPG. It was released for the FM-77 too. Both versions are fine for me. I
know that there is a dump because there are some screenshots for it. (images taken from the PC-88 library)




-Dieter Mauson & Lord Litter (El Tiro Solitario)

A cassette by Dieter Mauson ( a German musician which played with
other experimental acts like Nostalgie Eternelle and
Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide) edited by One Last Dream & Out Of The
Blue labels. The cassette has no tracklisting, only a “day” and “night”
side. The idea behind this project should be of creating a mental movie
using only the music. In fact, the cassette notes say “listen to this
film…” .

If you have a copy (digital or physical) or have more info about the project and it’s musicians, please contact me.

Discogs link

-FNTC (Opera)

A 1987 cassette of experimental electronic / ambient music from
Netherlands. It’s a live recording of a performance in which the
audience was blindfolded and stretched out on couches.

If you have a copy (digital of physical) or have more info about the band, please contact me.

Discogs link


An obscure legend from the Japanese hardcore scene, Masami was the one-handed (it seems that he has lost his right hand in a dynamite accident in his childhood) frontman of Ghoul, a seminal band.
I learned that he released two solo albums: Final Days (a 7″) in 1986 and Power Line X Shock Line in 1987. I’m looking for both of them. A rip or the actual vynil is fine to me.

Discogs page for Masami

-My Sin (Tribes)

First CD (after a couple of EPs) from this very unknown and very weird experimental musical project. It’s listed on discogs and I once saw it on an online catalogue (now down), but I never managed to obtain a copy.

If you have the original disc or you have a rip for it, please contact me.

-Pierce (No Place for Late Regrets)

Released in 1999, this is the very rare solo album of Andy Pierce,
member of the swedish sleaze rock bands Nasty Idols, Machinegun Kelly
and United Enemies.

The disc, from the very few tracks I’ve been able to listen thanks to
youtube, is oriented towards classy pop rock. It was recorded with
top-notch musicians from Sweden and produced two

singles, “sweet liar” and “dawn of the day”, which also were made into
two music videos. One of them (dawn of the day) is available on youtube,
the other isn’t.

I’m looking for a physical copy or a rip for the CD, plus the video for
“sweet liar”, the demos (if there are any floating around, the official
site for the Pierce project mentions one) for the disc and any
unreleased tracks (there is one floating on youtube).

Official site for Pierce


-Rosegarden Funeral

A totally obscure, but exceptionally talented, Yorkshire goth band
from the ’80s. They should have recorded a couple of demos and then
disbanded and faded into oblivion.

Informations on them are very scarce, searching the net I’ve found some
evidences about a demo called “Burial Ground” and a booklet called “A
Book of Dead Names”, plus the demo that I’ve reviewed here on the site.

I’ve found  batch of their recordings, other than the demo, some time ago (a collection of 13 tracks titled “These Haunted Hours”) but I’m still looking for anything about and by them: informations, recordings, demos…if you have any of these, please contact me.


-Takashi O’Hashi Project (Neither Reality Nor Fiction)

This is the first solo album for Mr O’Hashi, a very skilled japanese guitar player that gained notoriety in the late ’80s thanks to the mixed Japanese / American glam metal band Cat in Boots.
The album was released only in Japan by EMI in 1991, it consists in seven tracks, most of them being covers.
I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Like the other musical entries a rip of the CD or a physical copy of it are both fine to me.

Official page for the project on Takashi O’Hashi official site


-Tarnished Angel (In Sin ; Songs of Love and Death)

An obscure goth / wave band from Germany active in the early ’90s.

Discogs lists only the In Sin cassette but I know for sure that the band released at least one other work called Songs of Love and Death.

If you have them, please contact me. Also contact me if you have any info about the band.



-Schmerzliches Arkadien (Deutsch)/ Douloureuse Arcadie (French) (Peter de Mendelssohn, 1932)

A very obscure novel from a very obscure author, despite being a friend of Thomas Mann. This book is the source for the very beautiful (and very forgotten) Julien Duvivier’s 1955 movie, Marianne de Ma Jeunesse (Marianne of my youth) which had two different version released, one for the French market and one for the German one, with some minor differences between the two. It’s a very delicate and beautiful story of coming of age and the first meeting with romantic love, shot and directed with elegance and taste. Also, it stars the exquisite beauty of Marianne Hold in her prime, which surely doesn’t hurt.

Marianne Hold

Marianne Hold

The movie has been released in Japan and had quite an influence over Leiji Matsumoto, who adopted her as a blueprint for feminine grace and beauty.


Marianne de ma jeunesse Japanese film poster

Marianne de ma jeunesse Japanese film poster

However, it’s quite hard to find any informations about the Mendelssohn’s book at all, let alone finding a copy of it! If you have read the book or have any informations about it or, even better, you do have a copy, please let me know. It would be very appreciated.

IMDB page for Marianne De Ma Jeunesse

Peter de Mendelssohn Wikipedia’s page (French)


-Marianne (Peter de Mendelssohn, 1955)

A title even more obscure than Dolourouse Arcadie. I guess it’s kind related to the Duvivier’s movie, but it’s only an assumption I can’t confirm or deny. Again, if you have read it, have informations about it or have a copy, please contact me.

Peter de Mendelssohn Wikipedia’s page (French)

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