Music of the Week – Microchip Terror – Manufactured Existence

Hi my friends…it’s time for some new music! Microchip Terror is an excellent synthwave band, which has just released a new album, the very good “Illegal Experiments”. Heavily influenced by the atmospheres, themes and tones of ’80s horror and sci-fi cinema, they chunk out a very interesting blend of old and new sounds. Also, they love a lot Lucio Fulci’s OSTs…they even covered a song off one of his most famous movies in their previous EP.


Music of the Week – Toxic Reasons – Party’s Over

Hi guys! I hope you have spent an happy Easter! Time to post some more new music here…
Today is the turn of Toxic Reasons. A very influential and original band of the American branch the Hardcore genre, they incorporated a lot of different styles into theirs, from reggae a-la Clash to classical rock and from quasi new-wavish sounds to the classic full frontal assault typical of the HC music. Lyrically, they are again quite original and don’t focus only on the angst of youth or political struggle.

If you are curious, try to listen the excellent 1984 album “Within these walls”, from which this song is taken. I managed to find on youtube only the re-recorded version for the US version of their next album, “Bullets for you” (1986) issued by the legendary Alternative Tentacles of Jello Biafra’s fame.

This song is an excellent mid-tempo track about not letting go and finding a new way. I’ll copy the lyrics from the folder down here:


Last night as I lay in bed
I looked inside a drunken head
And what I saw I didn’t like
I was a loser and I’d lost the fight
When I woke up in the morning
Looked upon a new horizon
Vowed never to go back in the past
Keep my head and make it last

I’m a wanderer and I don’t have a home
I’m a modern day gypsy not tied to anyone

Party party party that’s we all we ever do
And when we come to your town
We’ll probably party with you
I hope you don’t mind if I don’t party anymore
Because all this party has become a real bore

I’m a wanderer and I don’t have a home
I’m a modern day gypsy not tied to anyone
The party’s over now!