New FM Towns Emulators and PC88 tools added!

Two updates in two days…long time it didn’t happen, uhm?

I’ve added the new (development started in early 2020) open source and with debugging features FM Towns emulator Tsugaru to the FM-Towns emulation page, along with the link to MAME, since it now supports the FM Towns machines.

Also, bferguson3 developed a couple of useful tools for PC88. I’ve added them to the emulation page, so check them out.

Till next time


Mirrors (PC88) has been translated into English!

Hello friends! I’m happy to announce that Nebulous Group translated Mirrors for PC-88 into English. When I wrote the article about it 10 years ago I wouldn’t have bet a single penny about seeing a translation for it one day, but it happened! Thanks to cybermind (who also pointed me a couple of references I’ve missed that I will add to the original article in the future) and all the guys from Nebulous who made this possible.

You can download the patch here and read the updated article here. Now, time for a brief video with the full introduction translated:

See you next time and…happy 10th birthday Illusion City, happened on 25 April 2021.