Music of the Week – Tryumf – Hymns of Power (Full EP) (2019)

Hi guys, it’s been a while, uh?

The world has seen so much in this lapse of time. Including a global pandemic, the worst after the terrible Spanish Flu in the XX Century. Now, ok, may you live in interesting times, but these are maybe too much, ahah.

I hope you and your families and friends are all safe. There are trying times, but we must carry on.

For you, a little gem of an obscure genre, the so-called “Dungeon Synth”. A very atmospheric one, born in absolute darkness in the nineties and now with a small niche online.

This is a small EP (4 songs, little more than 10 minutes) from a Polish artist, Tryumf. It’s quite an original work, since it’s closeness to the retrowave movement and it’s delicate aura of melancholy. Perfect for contemplating the world during a global pandemic…

I also plan to update some utilities for working with the disk images of PC88 soon. Stay in touch!

Stay strong, my friends.


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