Music of the Week – Bill Fay – Garden Song

Time for some mellow psychedelic pop from the late ’60s! Bill Fay, sometimes called “the missing link between Nick Drake and Bob Dylan”, released only two album (the first in ’67, the second in ’71) before fading into oblivion in which he was into before being reprinted.

Music of the Week – Anathema – Judgement

This week, one of the most beautiful songs by Anathema, after the turn towards a more “modern” sound.
Enjoy :)

Music of the Week – The 69 Eyes – Voodoo Queen

Time for some early 69 Eyes material! Long before starting releasing goth-industrial (pretty cheesy, in my opinion) songs, 69 eyes played an explosive mix of glam rock (with a strong lean towards Hanoi Rocks, in fact Andy McCoy, Hanoi’s guitarist and author, even wrote a song for the 69 eyes), punk (Stooges and their offspring) and heavy metal.
This track is the opener of their first album, Bump n’ Grind. Quite a surprise to hear this fast glam-punk song from this band, eh?

Music of the Week – Alive She Died – Dark Felt

Alive She Died was a Greek new wave band. Their sound is heavily focused on the synth and on the delicate female vocals, the melodies are simple but very atmospheric and heartfelt.
They released only a demo, titled “Viva Voce” in 1985. Later, thanks to the net, two more recordings surfaced: a radio session with unreleased songs and an interview and some other unreleased songs recorded in the Blue Moon studios in 1987.

This song comes off the radio session. I hope you’ll appreciate it. :)