Opium Hotel reviewed

After a long time a new music review. Kory Clarke’s Opium Hotel review has been written! You can read it here.

Music of the Week – Kory Clarke – Opium Hotel

Hello, my dear readers. For this time, I want to propose you a little oddity that I found some time ago. It’s the tile track off the first album of Mr Kory Clarke, the leader of the late ’80s/early 90s band Warrior Soul (one of the best and less understood of their times), recorded in 2003.

I plan to review the album because of it’s nature of a bizarre experiment so here I will only say that it’s songs are a very strange blend of spoken-word poetry, electronic beats, groovy and trippy hard rock filled with visions of rage, dreams and a stubborn antagonist spirit. Quite interesting, uh? Not always it succeeds, but sure is quite unique and worth mentioning.

The title track maybe is the more “traditional” sounding of the bunch. It’s a short and very nice bluesy song that I’ve appreciated a lot. I hope you will do the same.

PC88 Update

I’ve decided to anticipate the first update of the site. It regards the PC88 emulation section, which wasn’t updated for a long time, more than one year.

The scene saw some vitality in the latest months, so I updated the page accordingly to what happened in the emulation scene.

There is two brand new emulators (XM8 and Excite88, however the latter is still in it’s infancy) and some of the most important old ones (M88, X88000) got a recent update.

I’ve also added some more info on the page as well. You can visit it here.

Music of the Week – Marilyn Manson – Coma White

Happy new year, my fellow readers! May be this 2017 a less troublesome year for us all. Many things have shaken the world during the past year, and we’re living a time marked by great doubts, partial visions and global paranoia. However, life goes on and still offers a lot of positive possibilities to all of us, in all it’s great mystery…

To start this year, I’ve decided for once to post a very famous song. It’s one of Manson’s best, Coma White from the Mechanical Animals album, in late ’90s. I chose it because it reflects quite well the time we’re living and has, despite all, a shade of light in it, buried deep inside.

Speaking about the site, I’m planning to write some new material, but I don’t know yet when it will be released. I hope to put some new material here soon.

Again, happy 2017 friends…and now, Coma White: