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New emulators and docs for PC88

Hi guys! As you can see this place is still running as promised. This time I bring to you some new emulators for PC-88 (including a totally brand new one, a port of XM8 for MacOS) and some shiny new technical documentation in English. Till next time! Snake

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New PC88 Emulators

Wow, it’s been a long time since the last update, nine long months. I’ve been very busy with moving to my new home and with personal matters but never left the helm of the illusion city’s ship, which may be quiet and silent but alive nonetheless. Three emulators have received an update and you can […]

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New emulators posted

Santa came earlier this year… :D There are some updates on the PC88 emulation page, two new modded versions of M88 and, the most important, a modded version of ePC8801MA emulator with Textractor support, so now you can hook and translate the text automatically. It’s a very neat and needed addition. Keep the scene alive! […]

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New FM Towns Emulators and PC88 tools added!

Two updates in two days…long time it didn’t happen, uhm? I’ve added the new (development started in early 2020) open source and with debugging features FM Towns emulator Tsugaru to the FM-Towns emulation page, along with the link to MAME, since it now supports the FM Towns machines. Also, bferguson3 developed a couple of useful […]

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Mirrors (PC88) has been translated into English!

Hello friends! I’m happy to announce that Nebulous Group translated Mirrors for PC-88 into English. When I wrote the article about it 10 years ago I wouldn’t have bet a single penny about seeing a translation for it one day, but it happened! Thanks to cybermind (who also pointed me a couple of references I’ve […]

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New PC88 Emulators!

Hi guys! It’s March already and this is my first update for 2021…well, what to say. The world situation is still very dire because of the ongoing CoVID pandemic and the future is quite uncertain; I hope you are all doing well and going on in this difficult situation. On my part, I do what […]

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Updated PC88 emulators

Hi guys! I’ve updated the builds for some PC88 emulators, you can find them at the PC-88 emulation page as usual. Take care in this hard times we are all living… Snake

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New PC88 emulators

Hello my friends! How are you doing ? I hope all is going well in this great turmoil we’re living. Luckily, all this mess hasn’t stopped the job here on Illusion City nor it has stopped the work of the various developers in the world. I’ve added some new emulators that popped up a couple […]

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New PC88 Tools

Hi friends! As promised, I’ve uploaded a couple of new tools for the PC88 for extracting files from D88 images and some more. You can find them on the pc88 emulation page. It took a global pandemic to find the time to do this update, but still…I hope you are all well. We must hold […]

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The past reborns the storms

Happy 2020 my fellow readers! I hope that this decade will hold on better days than the one that we have recently closed (even if the start isn’t so promising and optimistic.In like, one week ?, we had both a climate, with Australia burning, and a war, with the despicable action on Iran, escalation so, […]

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