Music of the Week – Royal Hunt – Age Gone Wild (Acoustic)

Merry Christmas (even if late) and happy holidays to all of you! I hope you’re spending these days in peace and happily, I’m doing so and I’m picking up and listening again a lot of bands that were gathering dust on my shelves for a long time. One of these bands is Royal Hunt and now I’m presenting you one of their best songs, age gone wild, played live in acoustic on the 2011 reunion tour.

Enjoy and have an happy new year! We will see each other at Illusion City in 2014… :)

Music of the Week – Francoise Hardy – Je Suis Moi

Recently I’ve watched a delicious French flick, Jeune & Joile (Young & Pretty), a very good movie about teenage existential estrangement, boredom, dysfunctional families and prostitution, somehow similar in some regards to Belle de Jour, by Bunuel…I suggest you to watch both of these movies if you haven’t done so! Maybe I’ll do a deeper review of these two flicks in the future.

The song I’m proposing to your listening pleasure this week is listed in the OST of Jeune & Joile, and fits the movie very well. Francoise Hardy’s tender romanticism and melancholic and poetic estrangement portrays the inner dimension of Isabelle (the movie main character) very well… enjoy! :)