Music of the Week – b l u e s c r e e n – Strangers

Time for some more vaporwave, before switching to other kinds of music in the next entries…this week we’ll listen to (and watch) a very promising underground artist in the genre, the Australian blue screen (or b l u e s c r e e n, both spellings are used). This is the single “Strangers” off his 2016 album, 毛唐, on the Sunset Grid records, a label specialized in Australian vaporwave. A piece that nails the hypnotic, introspective and trippy side of the genre very well, created by a very young artist. Well done!

Another notable blue screen’s release is net garden, which along with 毛唐, is fully listenable on the label’s youtube channel (which is the source for the Strangers video too).


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