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Things that I was looking for and then I’ve managed to find ( txt version here. It’s encoded in SHIFT-JIS. If you see garbled text, check the UTF-8 encoded version here. )




-Kikaitoshi Technologiras (1975)

By Leiji Matsumoto, this work contains one of the earliest incarnations of Captain Harlock, which here is portrayed as an adventurer who finds himself stranded in a planet dominated by robot
and machines.
During the course of his adventure, he is forced to replace more and more parts of his body with mechanical ones.
I’m looking for the volume which contains this work or for some scans of it.
FOUND! The volume on which this story is published is “the tale of a time gone by”, which contains other early Harlock stories like Uchuu Senkan Deathshadow as well.





-Relics the 2nd Birth (2001) (Bothtech)

This should be the third game in the “Relics” serie, a bizzarre of
japanese adventure / RPG games. If you want to sell your copy or have a
dump for it, please contact me.

FOUND Thanks to the kindness of a reader and of the net :)

-Rinne (Softbank & Nippon Falcom)

This game should be related to the “Relics” franchise too. Any info is
appreciated. Again, if you want to sell your copy of the game or have a
dump for it, please contact me.

FOUND Same as Relics the 2nd Birth :)





-Ghosts of Lovers

Quoting from the “angels in exile” record label:

“The Ghosts of Lovers are a cult UK Glam-Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll band,
formed by Steve Pegrum and Stuart Emmerton. Initially based around
their mutual love of the ’musical trinity’ of Johnny Thunders, Lords of
the New Church and Hanoi Rocks, The Ghosts strove to make their own
unique imprint. After some initial line up changes, the ‘classic’ Ghosts
of Lovers consisting of Kevin MacDonald on Vocals, Guy Bourseau on Lead
Guitar, Steve Perry on Rhythm Guitar, Kevin Sargeant on Bass and Steve
Pegrum on Drums started recording their ever-growing catalogue of songs,
the studio recordings of which are all to be found for the first time
on this CD. As an interview during the period for London-based fanzine
Submerge revealed, their aesthetic vision was detailed: “The chimera of
eclectic sources which influence us are the spirit of Altamont where
Rock and Roll met dark forces beyond its control, black leather,
chain-smoking, courting crucifixion, crushed velvet, Berlin, Iggy Pop,
David Bowie, Herman Hesse, Manhattan, Christiane F, and The New York

Guy Bourseau sadly died of cancer in 1998. I have only a two track
demo containing the songs “don’t be afraid” and “tonight” plus the
wonderful “iona” which is floating on youtube.

I’m looking for all their material.

FOUND Angels in Exile label has finally released a CD with all the material of The Ghosts of Lovers on it. You can read further info and buy it here

-Plumed Serpent

Another goth band, even more obscure than Rosegarden Funeral.
There is a self titled demo floating around the net (by the way, I’m looking for a re-upload of it), which features a very good gloomy and psychedelic sound and nothing more.
Again, I’m looking for anything about and by this band: informations, recordings, demos, stories etc. If you can help, please contact me.
FOUND! A rip of the tape is now floating on Soulseek. Still, if you happen to have some more infos on this band, please contact me.


-The Evil Speaks (Deny the Cross)

Another obscure goth / wave German band from the early ’90s. Again, if you have info and material about them please contact me.

They also released a CD called “Resounding 2002? which I’ve got, if you’re interested.

Discogs link for  Deny the Cross

FOUND Again, thanks to Soulseek

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