Music of the Week – Abstract Void – Wind of Reminiscence

Hello guys! It’s been a while, again…
Here is one of the most original bands that I’ve listened in the past months. Abstract Void, a one man band project, creating a very original mix of synthwave and…depressive black metal. Yes, you’ve read right: Synthwave and depressive black metal. And it’s very very good and cleverly done, to top on that! Not only mixing the tropes and the peculiarities of the two genres, but also interweaving them (for example, synths mimicking the typical black metal assault and black metal guitars with new-wavish riffs) with great ease without feeling forced at all.
The album (The second from the band, “Return to Reality“, 2018) is very compact and mature for a band that has only two platters under their belt (The first one, “Into the Blue” was released in 2017), conveying a feeling of rageful dreamy melancholy that I haven’t found elsewhere. It’s really something that should be heard if you have even a vague interest in synthwave or extreme metal.
Till next time! See you soon and enjoy summer! I’ll try not to let this much time between posts again.


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