News + Music of the Week – Massive Ego – I Idolize You

Hello again my fellow readers! I’ve did a small site update. I’ve added UTF-8 encoded version of the wanted and found list, many people had problems with the SHIFT-JIS encoded ones. For now, I’ve not received complaints about the other stuff list so I haven’t added a UTF-8 version for them. If you have problems visualizing the site’s material, don’t hesitate to write me.

Also, I’ve did a small update on the PC88 emulation page. A new port of the QUASI88 emulator for the Wii, titled wii88, is in the works! Check it out.

Now, let’s get down with the music. Another good song off the “Beautiful Suicide” album of the UK band Massive Ego. I’ve previously posted the title track of the album and now I’m offering one of their singles off it. They are very good and by discussing them with a friend some days ago, made me want to spin them again on the site.

Also, their tour with Blutengel in Germany is still going, so if you’re interested in them and you happen to be in Germany, go! You can check the dates on the band’s site here.

Music of the Week – KMFDM – Stray Bullet

Hello my fellow readers, how are you doing in the mid of this very hot and agitated summer?

I hope you’re all doing well…very few things are better than a good song for uplifting the spirit and soothing the mind. So enjoy this little hidden gem. It’s the second track off Symbols, recorded in 1997, the tenth album of this very talented band, started in the early ’80s as an action-art group and then evolved into an EBM/Industrial act. If you’re wondering, KMFDM is an acronym for “Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid” which loosely translates as “No pity for the majority“.

Originally, I wanted to post the track “Anarchy”, from the same album but it’s maybe their most popular song. So I decided for the equally good, but less known, “Stray Bullet”.


PS Also don’t forget to check, from time to time, the wanted and found pages of the site. I update them without giving notice here in the news.

Suggested Reads: The Uninhabitable Earth

One of the best articles related to the climate change question, in it’s gorgeous annotated version. It was written by David Wallace-Wells, who dealt a lot with scientific and enviromental issues in the past for NYMag.

It really gives a concrete outlook on the subject, exploring the most uncomfortable sides of it without any reticency,  and gives a vast outlook on the whole scientific and political debate currently ongoing.

Read it if you’re interested in:current events, science, climate change and possible outlooks of it, biology, environmental cascade effects.