Music of the Week – The Only Ones – From Here To Eternity

After a long hiatus, here we go again!
Time for some refined new wave romance by The Only Ones, an unlucky but seminal band, hailing from the late seventies/early eighties UK.

Music of the Week – Smack – Roses Have Faded

Hi guys!
It’s time to dig up one of the most criminally overlooked and forgotten rock bands ever…Smack from Finland.
They started their career in 1984 with their first album “on you”, and disbanded in the late ’80s after their last album “radical” in 1988.

Led by charismatic and restless vocalist Claude, they played a very energetic mix of classic rock n’ roll and punk with tons of attitude and heartfelt and intense lyrics, which influenced a lot of successful bands like Guns n Roses, without getting the credit they deserved.
After Smack’s demise, Claude formed the Fishfaces(which released two albums, one in 1993 and one posthumous in 1998) and released one EP with the 69 Eyes vocalist under the Fellow Reptiles project before dying because of an heart attack in 1996, being only 30 years old…

Some of the Smack and Fishfaces songs have been re-recorded in acoustic in 2005 by Eduardo Martinez in his Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds project, which featured some old band fellows of Claude. In this disc they recorded a Fishfaces unreleased song (the beast within) too.

This song, Roses have faded, is one of their best off their second album, Rattlesnake Bite, and shows their rich talent.