Music of the Week – Of The Wand & The Moon – Immer Vorwärts

Time to go back to the neo folk territory again, my fellow readers. :)

This is one of the best songs from the last album (The lone descent, 2011) of one of the most important bands in the whole genre: Kim Larsen’s Of The Wand & The Moon.

Larsen (NOT to be confused with his namesake that played in Gasolin, him too from Denmark) experimented a lot in his career, starting with extreme metal (Doom and Black, with Saturnus) then moving gradually to folk / chansonnier music, penning a string of very good albums, all filled with melancholy and a sense of loss. He collaborated of a lot of artists of the most different genres, even going back to his most extreme roots sometimes (he collaborated a bit on Necrophagia’s “Death Trip 69” album).

This song is a short (running under 3 minutes), moody, introspective and heartfelt piece. I hope you’ll like it.


Suggested Reads: The TTY demystified

A very deep and interesting look at the history of the use of terminals in computing and in how Unix system implementations do actually work, with a very interesting focus on how the system’s kernel hands the terminal(s) workings and the logic behind it.

If you are even a bit of a nerd, or interested in nerdy things, this is a must read.

Read it if you’re interested in: informatics, Unix/Linux systems, OS workings, computing history


Music of the Week – Slapshot – Punk’s Dead, You’re Next

Hello, fellow readers. This week, I’m proposing to you some very good old classic Boston straight-edge hardcore. What is the best way to combat the scorching heat than blasting it away with some good, heavy music, after all? :)

Let the music do the talking…enjoy!