Trash Cowboys – The Good, The Bad, The Nasty

The Good, The Bad, The Nasty Demo (1990? Self-Produced)


1) Fashion Girl
2) Bad Attitude
3) Trash City
4) When It’s Over
5) Call Me Crazy


Jojo “Dancer” Durant
Nikki Sleez
Jamii Sinns
Brad D. Lee Rude

Trash Cowboys were a very unfortunate hard rock / sleaze american
band. There aren’t many infos about them on the net, and it seems that
this demo is their only musical outcome.
The sound is very bluesy and boogeish, they remind a lot Motley Crue in the Theatre of Pain – Dr Feelgood timespan.
The demo opens with the very good “Fashion Girl”, a very catchy
semi-acoustic / electric bluesy anthem, it’s definitevely one of the
best songs of the demo, with a very good bluesy guitar work and sneer
vocals. The following track, “Bad Attitude”, is more oriented towards
metal, with a good tension created by the contrast of the stop-and-go
verses and a powerful, anthemic, flowing chorus.
“Trash City” is the best track of the demo, along with “Fashion Girl”.
It’s a catchy and sleazy boogie-metal anthem, both the guitar and the
vocal job are very good and they create, along with the lyrics (the song
opens with “trashing in the alley with a bottle of booze” line… fuck
yeah!) a sleazy and decadent feeling. There is even an horn section,
which helps in boosting tension in the song.
The last two tracks “When It’s Over” and “Call Me Crazy” are two bluesy
metal anthems in the vein of Motley Crue like “Bad Attitude” was. They
are the least powerful tracks in the demo, but they are still very good
and deserve a listen.




Fashion Girl


Trash City


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