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Suggested Reads: The Uninhabitable Earth One of the best articles related to the climate change question, in it’s gorgeous annotated version. It was written by David Wallace-Wells, who dealt a lot with scientific and enviromental issues in the past for NYMag. It really gives a concrete outlook on the subject, exploring the most uncomfortable sides of it without any […]

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Suggested Reads: The TTY demystified A very deep and interesting look at the history of the use of terminals in computing and in how Unix system implementations do actually work, with a very interesting focus on how the system’s kernel hands the terminal(s) workings and the logic behind it. If you are even a bit of a nerd, or […]

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Suggested Reads: Brain and Deep Learning

“The Brain vs Deep Learning Part I: Computational Complexity — Or Why the Singularity Is Nowhere Near” A very detailed and rich dissertation about AI and it’s comparison with human intelligence. The article confronts (and refuses) the singularity hypothesis and, doing so, offers an excellent panoramic on the current state of research in many […]

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A new section: suggested reads

Time for a new section here on Illusion City…I’ve decided to share, over the time, some of the most interesting articles and reads that I find during my time spent on the net. They will cover all my main interests (science, philisophy, art, music etc) and some oddities and novelties. I will also soon collect […]

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