Listen to the songs of the Japanese Mad Doll…

Hello guys!
I’ve reviewed a new piece of musical obscurity from the far lands of Japan. It’s the first solo album of Naruzy Suicide, an important member of the Japanese glam-punk underground, leader of the Lipstick Killers, a band in the vein of Dogs D’Amour, New York Dolls and Johnny Thunder, a skilled songwriter with an unique twist and a very bizzarre personality. Give it a try!

Also, I’ve restored the Torpedo’s short story that was on the site before the wipeout.

Naruzy Suicide – Mad French Doll ~ Dark Hair, Dark Eyes

Luca Torelli is…Torpedo

Music of the Week – The Suicide Twins – Silver Missiles and Nightingales

In these days I’m listening again to Andy McCoy’s solo stuff and so I thought to dust off my copy of the brilliant Suicide Twins (Andy McCoy and Nasty Suicide) project.
This is the title track of their only album, gentle and dreamy, featuring the brilliant vocals of Renè Berg. In this song you can really understand why McCoy’s wife once said that Berg had the “voice of an angel”.
Enjoy the ride :)

Music of the Week – Danzig – Sistinas

Restoration is 90% complete! The only content missing is the comic short stories, which I’ll upload in the next days.
For this week, I offer to you a fine Elvis (possessed by the devil, of course :)-like crooning song by Danzig, from his third album, Danzig III.
Enjoy :)

Bad Omen

Hello, has been unfortunately hacked and wiped out…luckily I still have all the material that I’ve written over the time.

I will restore all the contents in the next days, it will be a very hard work but it has to be done.