Music of the Week – Wumpscut – Hang Him Higher

Recently I’ve been exploring with interest the main EBM artist and I quickly found the wumpscut’s name among the best. I’ve listened something by him many years ago, when the genre didn’t interest me, without going deeply and now, finally, I took some time to listen and understand his art.
It’s surely among the most original and interesting artists of the genre. Usually EBM isn’t a very sophisticated genre, it’s goal usually is different from introspection, but wumpscut have some great melodic quality in his music and the ability to invoke some of the base experiences and emotions of humanity, keeping a simple form but not without qualities or depth. His lyrics have an impersonal and powerful feeling, with a stir of melancholy and loss. Very very interesting. One of his main topics seems to be the nostalgia for some sort of paradise lost, previous to life. The most acute readers can see in this an echo of the Oedipal myth and the struggle between the will to live and to die with the ambiguity of the human experience. Without going this far, I found his music to resonate and stir some old questions and emotions in the listener. Not an easy or a banal task…
The track I’m presenting you, “hang him higher”, is a fine example of what I’ve written, dealing with the hopelessness and desire for justice and revenge. Enjoy :)


New build of M88 available

Hi guys, a little update on the PC88 emulation front. Thanks to the effort of the dedicated Anna Wu, now the latest unofficial build (dated 23 February 2018) is now available in English. You can get it in the PC88 page.


Music of the Week – Die Krupps – Odyssey of the Mind

Hi guys! How are you doing?
Again, I’m quite busy and gathering new material to publish on the site, one day. I’ve a couple of articles on cinema and on philosophy that needs to be edited before posting, but I keep postponing the operation because of my being very busy with my job and other projects. I don’t want to divulge a lot about it online, but let’s say that I’ve been actively working in the latest months on the underground scene and I’m very happy of it. Finally, I can give some more concreteness to what I like, love and support. So because of this, updates are quite scarce here…but I’ve promised myself to take some more time for Illusion City material.

Having said so, now let the music do the talking, like someone used to say! I’m posting the title track of a late album of Die Krupps (literary, “The Krupps”. The Krupp family was one of the most powerful families in Europe in the XX century, they held the Krupp industrial group, which was one of the greatest producers of iron and a lot of other industrial material of the time. They got famous for a lot of reasons, one of them being their support of Adolf Hitler during his rise to power and during the WW2), one of the most important bands in the German industrial scene. They started as pure Industrial/EBM band in the early ’80s and later, between ’80s and ’90s, they took a more metal direction, without throwing away their early influences. The result? Some very good and diverse albums, with clever mixes of metal, EBM, electronic music and clever musicianship. They later disbanded and recently reformed (but I don’t know if they are still together today).
This track is the title track of their 1995 album. The whole album is very good even if a bit short (more or less 47 minutes in it’s original release), very focused on the sense of isolation, entrapment and desire for freedom. The lyrics speak for themselves:

I set my mind on something
I would like to be
And I open up the door
There is so much to explore…

Quite good isn’t it? Now, enjoy the song itself.


Music of the Week – Danko Jones – My Little RnR

Hi guys…after a while, a new video of straight rock n roll caught my attention. It’s theme is not new, a classic tale of vampiric love and death with a nice twist at the end, very much in the vein of the old horror movies of the ’70s filled with macabre imaginary and intense passions. What it makes it interesting, it’s the visual rendition and the catchiness of the song, very powerful in it’s simplicity.

Nothing new, but done really well!


Music of the Week – Buzz Kull – Into the Void

Hello again, my dear readers…I’ve got some cool new music for you! It’s been a while since I’ve updated a new article on the site, but this won’t last for long. I have written a couple of new articles (mostly about movies) that I plan to upload here soon, as long I’ve finished polishing them. I’m quite busy these days, so I haven’t got all the time I wish to have. But now, about the music: Buzz Kull is a new (first released song is from 2013) darkwave project from Sydney, the brainchild of Marc Dwyer (Marcel Whyler). It’s heavily bent on the electro side, and very compelling. This is the video for one of the two singles off the new album “Chroma” (2017), aptly named “Into the Void”.


Music of the Week – Nine Inch Nails – Ruiner

Happy new year my fellow readers! I hope you have celebrated the beginning of the 2018 well and have enjoyed yourself.

We sure don’t live an easy situation in these years, as humanity, but somehow one can find the road that truly belongs to oneself and follow it, thus doing good for the others and himself/herself…but now, let’s leave philosophy aside and focus on the music.

I’ve noticed that in all these years I’ve never posted a NIN song! Time to remedy. This is one of my favourites off “the downward spiral”…enjoy!



Music of the Week – Heartbreak Hangover – Bitter Pill

Time for some good old rock n’ roll obscurity! Heartbreak Hangover formed in 2009 and in 2012 they released their debut (and for now, their only) self titled album. I remember catching them at the time, thanks to this very good single, pure energetic classic rock, with some compelling guitars. Nothing really new, but is it a problem? In my opinion, no.




Music of the Week – Pro-Pain – Time

Thanks to a friend, I dig out after a long time some of the earlier Pro-Pain’s music…they did a very good blend of thrash and hardcore, more focused on heavy, monolithic guitars and menacing, intimidating vocals than speed or sheer aggression.

The results is an interesting mix, that helped to shape the sound of the early ’90s (Pro-Pain formed in 1991). The band is still around nowadays…

This track is taken off their 1997 self titled album. Enjoy!



Music of the Week – New Order – True Faith

Hello guys! No long wait for an update this time… :)
For this week, I decided to post another memory of a very magic dancing night. It’s a big new-wave classic, and quite a big hit on it’s own. Maybe most of you already know it…but who cares? Sometimes is good to wander in the light of what is already known, too.

As you may already know, New Order is the band that was born from the ashes of Joy Division (after Ian Curtis’s suicide by hanging). They softened a bit their sound and made it less gloomy (a lot of critics speak of “alternative dance” when describing New Order’s music) but carried the Joy Division’s legacy indeed.

For example, here it’s a slice of the lyrics for “True Faith”:

They’re afraid of what they see
That’s the price that we all pay
Our valued destiny comes to nothing
I can’t tell you where we’re going
I guess there was just no way of knowing
I used to think that the day would never come
I’d see delight in the shade of the morning sun
My morning sun is the drug that brings me near
To the childhood I lost, replaced by fear
I used to think that the day would never come

That my life would depend on the morning sun…

Eerie and beautiful, made into music with a very catchy and enveloping sound. Enjoy!


Music of the Week – And One – Military Fashion Show

Hello guys, it’s been some time since the last update, uh? I’m quite busy in these days…but I never forget about old Illusion City. I have some articles written that need some refinement and then they will be ready for being published here, but it will take some time. I did a small update on the Caraco’s page but it’s a minor one (added a link, pointed by a kind reader).

However, we are here for the music! Se here it is…a nice alternative club hit straight from the ’00s. There aren’t big explanations or fancy descriptions this time. Just a good reminder of a beautiful dancing night past by, in great and gorgeous company.

Choose your weapon, time to go
A military fashion show…