Music of the Week – Ideon – Nightlights

Hi guys! Long time since last update, but won’t happen again! I’m still very busy with my other projects, but Illusion City hasn’t been forgotten or abandoned.

Now, let’s listen to some interesting synthwave…this gorgeous single by IDEON:


Updated PC88 emulation page!

As you can see, my friends, I’ve been faithful…I haven’t let ages pass for my next post! :)
I did an huge update for the PC88 emulation page, I’ve added some new emulators and a couple of useful links, including the legendary PC88 Library, now again online.

Feel free to check them in the PC88 page. Cheers!


Music of the Week – Abstract Void – Wind of Reminiscence

Hello guys! It’s been a while, again…
Here is one of the most original bands that I’ve listened in the past months. Abstract Void, a one man band project, creating a very original mix of synthwave and…depressive black metal. Yes, you’ve read right: Synthwave and depressive black metal. And it’s very very good and cleverly done, to top on that! Not only mixing the tropes and the peculiarities of the two genres, but also interweaving them (for example, synths mimicking the typical black metal assault and black metal guitars with new-wavish riffs) with great ease without feeling forced at all.
The album (The second from the band, “Return to Reality“, 2018) is very compact and mature for a band that has only two platters under their belt (The first one, “Into the Blue” was released in 2017), conveying a feeling of rageful dreamy melancholy that I haven’t found elsewhere. It’s really something that should be heard if you have even a vague interest in synthwave or extreme metal.
Till next time! See you soon and enjoy summer! I’ll try not to let this much time between posts again.



Music of the Week – Ashbury Heights – Glow

Hello my friends, quite a long time since the last update, again, as you may already know, I’ve been quite busy in my life, but don’t worry because Illusion City has not been forgotten. I’m working on a batch of new updates, that will take some time. Illusion City has recently reached it’s eight age of life (on April 25th) , I didn’t thought about it when I first started the site, of course I wanted it to be long lived but damn those eight years surely have raced fast.

Meanwhile, enjoy a minor classic from one of the most interesting synthpop / gothic bands in the 00s, hailing from Sweden: Ashbury Heights. Their sound may not be very new, but their best tunes surely hit a soft spot of mine.



Music of the Week – Funker Vogt – Ikarus

Hello friends, it’s been a while… :)

Like I’ve already before, it’s a very busy period for me, so updates have been sporadic, but don’t worry, I have some very good new material for you, waiting to be posted and shared here. I’ve already did a minor update to the google operators page, adding the AROUND() operator, that wasn’t present before.

While waiting for more updates, enjoy this little EBM new song: Ikarus by Funker Vogt off their newest album Wastelands (2018)


Updated Devilman section

Happy 2019 my fellow readers! After a very long while I’ve updated the Devilman article, I’ve added a couple of mangas and other references that has been created in the long gap between the current update and the latest (August 2012!). Enjoy! :)



New emulator family for the PC88: ePC-8XX family by Takeda Toshiya

Hi guys! A quick update just before Christmas. :)

I’ve added a new family of emulator for the PC-88 machines in their dedicated section, the ePC-8XX family one by the brilliant developed Takeda Toshiya, who wrote also emulators for a lot of different machines, some of them being very obscure.

In particular, these new emulators, cover a quite rare feature: the CD emulation! This is the second emulator able of doing so, after M88.

So, take a look at the PC-88 section and get them!

See ya soon! To the next update.


Neo Kobe PC8001 and PC8801 listings added!

Hi guys! It’s been a while, and I’ve been overwhelmed with real life business, but I’ve done it. As promised, I’ve uploaded the listings (both in HTML and txt format) for the two state-of-the-art sets for PC8001 and PC8801, the 2016 Neo Kobe ones. You can check them on the PC88 emulation page.

Expect more updates soon. Cheers!


Music of the Week – La Femme – Oh Baby Doll (Chuck Berry cover)

Hello guys! Time for another delicious song here, on Illusion City…it’s been a while, but keep following the site, since I have some updates to do soon, especially for the emulation section. I’m considering creating a PC-98 section and I plan to update more (and more recent) file listings for the other systems too. So stay tuned!

Time now, for an interesting wave/minimal rendition of a Chuck Berry classic. The band, La Femme, recorded a very unique and original platter with their “Psycho Tropical Berlin” (2013) from which this song is taken. They mix a lot of different influences, always with that sexy wave / psychedelia with female vocals mix that is so alluring.

Here it is!



A new guide. How to run emulators and other programs in Wine with Japanese characters.

Hi guys, I’ve decided to write a new guide to help with something that I haven’t found a complete guide for. How to run Japanese programs (especially old emulators) while using Japanese characters inside of them and displaying them correctly. It’s not impossible, but to do so I had, at the time, put together various sources, so I have now written a small guide to spare you the hassle and help other fellow *nixers and Mac users around the world.

You can read the guide here.

Expect other updates soon!