Music of the Week – Massive Ego – Beautiful Suicide

Here is something that I haven’t done frequently in those years of writing on Illusion City: to propose a brand new song from a brand new album for which the band is currently touring :)


Massive Ego is a very interesting Wave / Goth / Electro act from UK. According to their bio, they formed in 1996, released their first album in 2006, got a long recording hiatus and then came back with new releases in 2014 (with EPs) and finally released the Beautiful Suicide double CD in February and are currently touring Germany supporting Blutengel (if you are interested, you can check the dates on their official site).

What makes them really interesting to me is their ability to mix different styles (EBM, classic wave…) in a very fresh way. They don’t sound stale or phony, like many other releases do. It’s nothing revolutionary but this new album is a very good work.

So…enjoy your beautiful suicide :)



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