Music of the Week – Wumpscut – Hang Him Higher

Recently I’ve been exploring with interest the main EBM artist and I quickly found the wumpscut’s name among the best. I’ve listened something by him many years ago, when the genre didn’t interest me, without going deeply and now, finally, I took some time to listen and understand his art.
It’s surely among the most original and interesting artists of the genre. Usually EBM isn’t a very sophisticated genre, it’s goal usually is different from introspection, but wumpscut have some great melodic quality in his music and the ability to invoke some of the base experiences and emotions of humanity, keeping a simple form but not without qualities or depth. His lyrics have an impersonal and powerful feeling, with a stir of melancholy and loss. Very very interesting. One of his main topics seems to be the nostalgia for some sort of paradise lost, previous to life. The most acute readers can see in this an echo of the Oedipal myth and the struggle between the will to live and to die with the ambiguity of the human experience. Without going this far, I found his music to resonate and stir some old questions and emotions in the listener. Not an easy or a banal task…
The track I’m presenting you, “hang him higher”, is a fine example of what I’ve written, dealing with the hopelessness and desire for justice and revenge. Enjoy :)

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