Music of the Week – Wildside – How Many Lies + a small update

Time for some sleaze metal! Enjoy one of the finest unlucky bands of the Sunset Strip of the early ’90s. Known before as Young Gunns, Wildside released one of the very best sleaze metal albums, “under the influence”, beating Guns n Roses and Motley Crue at their very own game. However, sleaze was beginning to fade when the album was released, thus dooming Wildside to an early demise…they tried to jump the alternative/grunge bandwagon in 1995 with the self-titled “wildside” but they failed to stir any interest and thus disbanded.

Enjoy one of their finest tunes!

Plus, on the update side, another build of the PC88 emulator M88 has been released. Among the new features, there is a CD driver which doesn’t need ASPI layers anymore. Check the PC88 page to download it!

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