Music of the Week – Vains of Jenna – Set It Off (Acoustic)

Time to come back to an old passion of mine, sleaze rock, with one of the best bands out of the ’00s: Sweden’s Vains of Jenna (which sadly disbanded in 2011).

There is nothing revolutionary here, only some very good music inspired by the old sleaze masters (Guns n Roses is the main influence that comes to mind) with a lot of attitude and energy. Enjoy!

Also I’m happy to announce that I’ve started writing some movie reviews and analysis, when I’ll have a sufficient number of titles examined (for now, I’ve written three articles) I will start posting them here on the site. For now, most of the titles are pretty obscure and underground, or covers things that haven’t been explored before, since it’s pointless, now in 2014, to write if there is nothing new to say.

And now…Vains of Jenna!

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