Music of the Week – The Saints – Night in Venice

Hello guys, another track selected for you by your trusted fellow Snake…
This week I’ll propose a classic to celebrate 40 years of punk ’77: one of the best track off The Saint’s debut album, “I’m Stranded”, recorded in…1977. :D

They are a milestone group for classic punk, even if now maybe they have faded a bit into obscurity. Their phenomenal debut maybe is my favorite effort from them. The classic line-up that recorded it lasted only 4 years, from 1974 (year of the group’s inception) to 1978 (one year later the recording of the album, after moving to UK).
After this, the two main members, Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey, parted their ways. Kuepper went for a very prolific solo carrer, Bailey on the other hand, took the reins of the Saints monicker but playing a different kind of music, a more authorial and mature rock, without the fury of the debut.

And now…enjoy the Saints!

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