Music of the Week – Screaming Dead – A Dream of Yesterday

Hello, my fellow readers…long time no see,uh?


I’ve been really busy with my personal life, so I haven’t got time to transcribe and upload the new articles I’ve written yet, or to upload and/or reorganize the existing contents of the site (an operation that sooner or later will be needed). But I hope in doing so in not too much time…after all, if you’re still here after a silence so long, you too are gifted with the precious virtue of patience. :)

Some days ago I’ve read an article about a new reunion, with the possibility of recording new material, of one of my favourite underground bands from the early 80’s: the Screaming Dead, hailing from the UK.
They had a brief life in the first half of the decade, releasing various demos and EPs, later collected together in the rare “Bring Out Yer Dead” collection released in the 90’s, more or less when the group reunited for the first time (and which later released the more industrial oriented, but also good, “Death Rides Out”, a collection of old and new material recorded in that vein), an original mix of punk and new wave (they moved gradually from the former to the latter, without losing raw power in the process) with a strong horror-decadent-romantic aesthetic that was quite uncommon at the time and now is hailed among the pioneers of the genre, both musically and aesthetically.

One of the founders, guitarist Tony McKormack, in the late 80’s founded the pagan goth group Inkubus Sukkubus, which is still active and got some of it’s well deserved success. While quite different from the Screaming Dead, this project has some points in common with it and can be seen as a coherent progression from the Dead’s sound and themes.

But now, let’s hear one of the early Screaming Dead best songs, in my opinion, from the most sophisticated phase of the band. A Dream of Yesterday…

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