Music of the Week – Ruth White – Chopin – Prelude in E Minor

Hello fellow readers! For this week, I’m proposing you a track from the very talented electronic music pioneer Ruth White. She had quite an extensive career, her most famous record is maybe “Flowers of Evil” (1968) in which she puts into music some of the most striking Baudelaire’s poems.

For an extensive look on Ruth’s work and career, I suggest you to visit this blog, which maybe is the best online source about her.

The track I’m posting here, tough, is from her 1971 album, “Short Circuits”, in which Ruth plays with a Moog her favorite classical pieces, reinterpreting them and giving them a quite unique flavor, one of them being a complete rework and thus being credited to her directly.

This Chopin piece is one of my favorite from the record. I considered posting Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1 which is also present, but then I decided to put a less known (and listened) piece instead.

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