Music of the Week – Psychoviolets – Too Little Too Late + News

I did some other minor tweaks to the site: I corrected the links in the cinema reviews page (they changed their site structure some time ago and thus the link didn’t work), marked a broken link, added a new one and updated a copy of the Philippe Billè’s essay on the Albert Caraco article and did a small update on the review of Cheap and Nasty’s Cool Talk Injection page, with some first hand corrections by the drummer of the band himself, Leslie Riggs.

This week I’m sharing with you one of the most obscure and interesting tracks of the psychedelic garage rock movement that was quite big in the late ’80s/ early ’90s.

The Psychoviolets were active between the early ’80s until 1995, changing names a couple of times (but they recorded only with two monickers: The Ultraviolets in 1990 (Changing Times LP) and the Psychoviolets for the following releases). Despite being American, they signed with a German record label, Maniac Records. They haven’t released a lot of material during their period together, the most notable one maybe is the 20-track album (Teen Trash Vol 2) recorded for the Teen Trash serie of the Maniac Records label, which features old and new material, with some unreleased tracks. They disbanded after a brief time of this release because of ongoing quarrels inside the band and drug abuse.

They are notable because of their various influences (new wave, raw garage, psychedelia, sad ballads) and their fascination with creepy introspection, a quite morbid one, that can be clearly heard both in music and themes. They predated the so-called garage revival by a long shot: the sound that they were presenting started becoming (relatively) popular only in the early/mid 00’s…

This track is the title track of one of their EPs, titled “Too Little Too Late”. Enjoy :)


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