Music of the Week – Nature And Organisation – A Dozen Winters Of Loneliness

A dozen winters of loneliness…and a dozen summers against the world” launglidly speaks, in a trance-like state, David Tibet in this beautiful song penned by Michael Cashmore, the leader of the Nature and Organisation project, an interesting post-industrial / neo folk ensemble that penned a couple of EPs, an LP and an unfinished work in the nineties before Cashmore became a full time collaborator with Tibet’s Current 93 (in fact, all the music on Current 93 “Soft Black Star” is penned by Cashmore).

I recently stumbled again on Cashmore’s work thank to the two disc reprint of the vast majority of Nature and Organisation material, named after the band’s incomplete LP, “Snow Leopard Messiah”. It hosts a lot of key musicians in the post-industrial / neo folk scene of the time (and even then): David Tibet (Current 93),  Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), Rose McDowell (Strawberry Switchblade), Douglas Pierce (Death In June) and is a very good and representative for the whole genre, in the good and the bad aspects for it (like a tendency to overindulgence).

Having said that, I found myself strangely hooked to these songs, and in particular to the longest one in the disc. that is the one I’m posting here now. It has a dreamy, addictive quality, and is not without some interesting experimentations in it (like the noisy final part, or the use of the looped “Loneliness” line, that serves as a sonic carpet for all the composition). So…enjoy a slice of summer against the world, at least for these few minutes. :)



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