Music of the Week – Kory Clarke – Opium Hotel

Hello, my dear readers. For this time, I want to propose you a little oddity that I found some time ago. It’s the tile track off the first album of Mr Kory Clarke, the leader of the late ’80s/early 90s band Warrior Soul (one of the best and less understood of their times), recorded in 2003.

I plan to review the album because of it’s nature of a bizarre experiment so here I will only say that it’s songs are a very strange blend of spoken-word poetry, electronic beats, groovy and trippy hard rock filled with visions of rage, dreams and a stubborn antagonist spirit. Quite interesting, uh? Not always it succeeds, but sure is quite unique and worth mentioning.

The title track maybe is the more “traditional” sounding of the bunch. It’s a short and very nice bluesy song that I’ve appreciated a lot. I hope you will do the same.

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