Music of the week – King Dude – My Mother Was The Moon

Hello and happy new year, my fellow readers! Time to return after a long silence with a very good song from a very promising musician from the 2010’s: King Dude.

King Dude is an artist who became quite famous (at least, in the underground) in the early 2010, when he switched from his early experimentations with metal to a very particular, even if at times quite repetitive, shade of blues / country folk, with strong dark/wave shades. He partnered recently for some EPs with Chelsea Wolfe, another rising star from the underground, and this is the way a lot of people got to know him, including me.

He also collaborated with other musicians, even some very distant from the wave / acoustic music like the black metal band Urfaust. Like Chelsea Wolfe, he likes to flirt and experiment with the extreme spectrum of music too…

Even if his production it’s really abundant and discontinuous, I find him quite a good listen. This song is one of my favourite: minimal, dreamy, balanced and with daunting female vocals singing a very heartfelt shadowy fairy-tale like story of confusion and loss.

There is also a very nice live version of this song with Chelsea Wolfe. watch it here:

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