Music of the Week – Die Krupps – Odyssey of the Mind

Hi guys! How are you doing?
Again, I’m quite busy and gathering new material to publish on the site, one day. I’ve a couple of articles on cinema and on philosophy that needs to be edited before posting, but I keep postponing the operation because of my being very busy with my job and other projects. I don’t want to divulge a lot about it online, but let’s say that I’ve been actively working in the latest months on the underground scene and I’m very happy of it. Finally, I can give some more concreteness to what I like, love and support. So because of this, updates are quite scarce here…but I’ve promised myself to take some more time for Illusion City material.

Having said so, now let the music do the talking, like someone used to say! I’m posting the title track of a late album of Die Krupps (literary, “The Krupps”. The Krupp family was one of the most powerful families in Europe in the XX century, they held the Krupp industrial group, which was one of the greatest producers of iron and a lot of other industrial material of the time. They got famous for a lot of reasons, one of them being their support of Adolf Hitler during his rise to power and during the WW2), one of the most important bands in the German industrial scene. They started as pure Industrial/EBM band in the early ’80s and later, between ’80s and ’90s, they took a more metal direction, without throwing away their early influences. The result? Some very good and diverse albums, with clever mixes of metal, EBM, electronic music and clever musicianship. They later disbanded and recently reformed (but I don’t know if they are still together today).
This track is the title track of their 1995 album. The whole album is very good even if a bit short (more or less 47 minutes in it’s original release), very focused on the sense of isolation, entrapment and desire for freedom. The lyrics speak for themselves:

I set my mind on something
I would like to be
And I open up the door
There is so much to explore…

Quite good isn’t it? Now, enjoy the song itself.

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