Music of the Week – Death in June – Cathedral of Tears (Studio II)

Hi guys, it’s time to post a neo-folk song, a genre that I haven’t exposed much on these pages but that I’m very fond of…

This is a song from (the very controversial for some) Death in June, one of the most influent bands (even if the only permanent member for decades has been the leader Douglas P.) in the field.
Starting from a sound quite similar to the one of Wire with their previous band Crisis (active until late 70s) and then landing to electronic and folk experiments with Death in June, they helped in shaping the sound and the mood of a new kind of folk music, one full of gloom, melancholy and an overall dystopian outlook, mixed both with the (at the time) emergent movement of new-wave and industrial/tribal electronics.

This song gives the title to the 1993 EP in which is contained and, in my opinion, is the best version of it overall. In case you’re wondering, the statue depicted on the cover is located in Spain. Enjoy!

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