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Meet the Crooked Man…

I’ve written a review for an interesting Japanese freeware horror game, created with the Wolf RPG Editor. An intriguing psychological tale named the crooked man…read the review and leap into the abyss! You won’t regret it.

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New review: Danse Macabre – Angel

I’m happy to announce that I’ve posted a new music review, the 7″ Angel from UK band Danse Macabre, released in 1983. It’s a very obscure new-wave release, but also a very interesting one. Sadly the band, like many of them at the time, created only this 7″ before disbanding and fading into the complete […]

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Enter the dark world of Zolge!

After a while, I’ve written a new review…it’s for a 12″ by an obscure ’80s Japanese band, the Zolge, which proposed a very interesting and personal mix of new wave. punk, hardcore and dark melodies. Read the review (with more information on the band as well) here

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Listen to the songs of the Japanese Mad Doll…

Hello guys! I’ve reviewed a new piece of musical obscurity from the far lands of Japan. It’s the first solo album of Naruzy Suicide, an important member of the Japanese glam-punk underground, leader of the Lipstick Killers, a band in the vein of Dogs D’Amour, New York Dolls and Johnny Thunder, a skilled songwriter with […]

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