An actual update: HTML listings added!

Hello my loyal friends…it’s been a while, uhm? But I’ve got a good update to report to you all. With a bit of work (and spare time) I wrote a small program capable to transform the old .txt listings for the various emulated machines (NEC PC-60,NEC PC-88 and Fujitsu FM-Towns) on html tables, without all the hassle of dealing with different (and sometimes, very old and obscure) character encodings, easily rendered automatically by the browser.

Thus, I created (and uploaded) an html table for each of the old txt files (which I’ve left on the site for who may need them). Also, I wrote another small program to easily create new listings from scratch.

Many of you have asked me, during these years , infos about those listings. Bear in mind that many of them are now old and have been surpassed by the new collections, mostly the excellent Neo Kobe ones, which are much more complete and are way less messy than the old ones. I plan to create listings for those too and when I’ll do I’ll add them to the site. See you soon with more updates, writings, music and news!

PS by the way, if you’re wondering, the screenshot is taken from the excellent adventure game Policenauts, sequel to the infamous Snatcher. The PSX version has been ported to English, so if you haven’t done so yet, give it a shot!

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