A Quiet Death movie reviewed

The hunt for obscure and valuable works of art continues! This time I’ve unburied a very interesting Greek movie of the ’80s on which I’ve stumbled by pure chance. It’s name is A Quiet Death and has some very interesting visual and psychoanalytical undertones. It was shot by a director, Frieda Liappa, who shot only three full feature movies and died in the ’90s because of a severe illness.

Greek cinema is really obscure today because of the lack of sources (excluding the rare famous worldwide directors like Theo Angelopoulos) and the deep crisis that hit it since the ’80s, but is a very interesting field of research indeed. It’s uniqueness plus it’s artistic and intellectual value surely deserves it to be brought to light again. A Quiet Death surely is one of those valuable titles.

You can read the review here.

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