Music of the Week – Vaporgrave (feat QuadratoX) – Gomennasai

Hello my friends, it’s been a while…I’m still busy as before, but maybe I’ll find some more time to dedicate to the site in July.

For now, let’s dwelve a bit in the new musical landscapes that have surfaced in the last years, some kind of bastard grandchild of new wave and post punk.

After taking a peek at Synthwave with Perturbator in the entry before, now we’ll take a peek at Vaporwave, maybe the most surrealistic, nostalgic and related to the retro-pc passion that has some space in this site too. :)

A full take on what Vaporwave is would be too long for this post, the same for it’s numerous ramifications. Being a genre born and alive on the net, it’s quite fragmented and discontinue. Let’s say that Vaporwave, at it’s basic level, sits on the contradictions of the post-2000 years, between disgust for what the society has become (materialistic, fragmented, full of insecurity etc) because of capitalism and a form of nostalgia for the early years of the neo liberalism boom: the Eightes, in which the commodities of the contemporaneity where surfacing (the first computers, phones, mass television, hedonism etc) but in which a blink of creativity, freedom and rebellion survived also.

So Vaporwave dwelve in the paradox of appreciating some of these early forms and feeling a nostalgia for them (often a nostalgia of a time that who creates the music never lived, since Vaporwave is a genre often created by people that were born in the ’90s)  and a deep rejection and depression for what they have slowly brought into the world, the world in which we live in. There is a strong appreciation towards Japanese and anime culture too, because of it’s distance, overall weirdness and being often introspective and lonely.

Having said that, I’m happy to post a collaboration between one of the best artist and producers, Vaporgrave from LA and an european artist, QuadratoX “☒” . The title “ごめんなさい” spells “gomennasai” in Latin characters and means “I’m sorry”, and so am I for the scarcity of updates. See you!

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