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Music of the Week – The Dead Boys – Not Anymore

Hailing back from 1977, in the tornado of the punk revolution, the Dead Boys proved to be among the most interesting and original acts among the countless bands that surfaced at the time. The Dead Boys (and their frontman, Stiv Bators) influenced and contribuited to shape a lot of the music that was slowly forming […]

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Music of the week – King Dude – My Mother Was The Moon

Hello and happy new year, my fellow readers! Time to return after a long silence with a very good song from a very promising musician from the 2010’s: King Dude. King Dude is an artist who became quite famous (at least, in the underground) in the early 2010, when he switched from his early experimentations […]

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Music of the Week – G-Schmitt – No. 6

Hello again! I have a new music proposal for you, my dear readers with enough patience to wait for new updates… Today, we’ll explore G-Schmitt, one of the most original and seminal post-punk groups from Japan. They were active in the second half of the ’80s, fronted and guided by the mysterious Syoko, a very […]

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Music of the Week – Hardcore Superstar – Standing on the Verge + News

Hi guys, long time no see, eh? I’ve been extremely busy with my personal life and I’m more dissatisfied about the way the Internet is going every day. I decided, then, to adopt a more quiet line and don’t jump in the crazy run everyone seems to be into these days. I’ll update the site […]

Music of the Week – Ennio Morricone – Chi Mai (Maddalena OST)

After a long pause, because of being busy in my personal life, Illusion City comes back with new updates… This time, I’m posting the original version of one of Morricone’s most famous works, a tune that came along with “Come Maddalena”. Both of these were originally featured for the first time in an obscure arthouse […]

Music of the Week – Lana Del Rey – Black Beauty

Lana del Rey is, in my opinion, one of the few interesting pop musician in these (quite sterile, artistically) years, one of the few with an original aestethic and imagenary in her work and not only some derivative and / or dull or, even worse, stupid stuff destinated straight to oblivion in a blink of […]

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Music of the Week – Ministry – Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan cover)

A friend of mine gave me the ispiration to post a beautiful cover of this Bob Dylan classic…Ministry style! So expect an heavy, slighty psychedelic, sludgy trip. Also, I’ll post new movie reviews soon! Work hasn’t stopped on them. Bye!

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Music of the Week – Pearls Before Swine – Images of April

Pearls before swine have been one of the most beautiful and influential folk bands in America in the ’60s. This is one of their best songs, taken from what maybe is their masterpiece: Balaklava, a concept album about the infamous battle in the XIX century.  

Music of the Week – Erik Satie – Trois Gymnopedies

To go along with Agostino’s review, it’s time to listen again to the genius of Erik Satie, also used as a soundtrack for Agostino. Enjoy!

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Music of the Week – Francis Lai – Anima Persa (Movie OST)

Time to dwell among the best reliques of old-school Italian cinema…a psychological, eerie and gothic masterpiece by Dino Risi, Anima Persa (lost soul ; known in France as Ames Perdues), which I will probably review here in the near future. The movie is incredibly good with a stellar cast (Catherine Denevue of Belle de Jour […]

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